"Sara Jones" <arcsjonessa1@...>

Good morning all!

I just joined this group and love that it exists. The ability to
access these resources from anywhere is great.

Jerry, thanks for the repeater documents! These will help alot! I have
made a new commitment to test my radio skills on Sunday mornings for
the ARES net and will hike various trails and mtns. in the SD area and
try to transmit from them for the net. These maps will help with that
tremendously! If any one wants to join me, please do!

Also, I want to encourage everyone to attend the SANDARC convention on
Sept 22-24. It is here in SD and not too far from home. They are
expecting 1400 hams to attend. We should have a good ARC showing. If
any YLs want to get a room at the convention hotel with me, I would
love to split the cost with you.


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