Re: [ARC2_SDICC] Folks at Yesterday's Meeting - Need Your Help!


Hi Jerry,

I signed up for North check in on July 17th. Hope that helps a little!

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Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2007 18:32:57
Subject: [ARC2_SDICC] Folks at Yesterday's Meeting - Need Your Help!

Hi, All!

Slight problem I'm hoping to get some help on...

When I tried to open the Word file where I recorded the call signs of
those who volunteered for net control and liaison assignments for the
next few weeks, I found out the file was damaged and all the call
signs I recorded were lost.

I would appreciate that those folks who volunteered (and remembered
to write down their assignments [grin]) email me directly or post to
this reflector what assignments & dates they volunteered for. To
prompt your memory, please refer to table in the latest Meeting
Agenda file I posted last week.

Once I get the info from everyone who can remember, I'll post a
request for volunteers to fill in the gaps.

My apologies. Next meeting, we will have a proper hard copy backup.

Serves me right for trusting anything I can't see - like electrons.



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