Saturday Communications Meeting

"rrbirch" <rrbirch@...>

Since we moved our meeting date out one week the CDOC that we normally
meet in has a class scheduled. We don't have enough VHF radio's in
the vehicles for the road trip we wanted to do. Therefore as
announced during the Tuesday net this month's meeting will be to
install as many radios as possible in the vehicles. I would like to
put together teams for electrical wiring install, antenna install, and
then radio install. There may also be a need for a team to do some
soldering. Most of the difficult vehicles were done last time, so we
should be able to get most of the 15 or so remaining vehicles
completed. Especially if we operate like an assembly line with teams
only responsible for one thing.

In order to not interrupt the class being held in the CDOC, after you
park just walk to the back of the building. I will have the dock door
open and we can meet for a few minutes to get the net schedules filled
out then go to work.

If you are planning to attend please send me a quick e-mail so I can
start forming some teams prior to Saturday. This way we won't be
wasting time getting the teams formed.

As always we appreciated all that you do to support your American Red


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