Net Last Night


I must first apologize for missing the net last night.  I was actually at 
chapter went to the radio room and turned on the radio to check in. Myself and 
Karen Doose were in a DAT Team Leaders Meeting.  We were going to leave and 
checkin but as the meeting started, we got into some detailed conversations 
about DAT issues and totally forgot to leave the room to checkin. I want to 
thank Ralph for taking charge and running the net and checking in the North 
District for me. 
Jerry AK6QJ is still out of town, Ted probably will not be on the net for some 
time.  Ted is taking the Police Acadamy in order to continue being a part of the 
Sheriff's Underwater Recovery Dive Team. 
I wanted to thank all those that came on Saturday and helped install radios. We 
did four vehicles in a very short period of time.  Great team effort!!  I have 
asked Ted to provide me with a list of the remaining vehicles we need to 
complete the installs on. When I get that list hopefully the install team can go 
on the road to at least El Cajon, and Poway for installs.  Could be as early as 
next Thursday if things work out. We will also need to save a radio or two for 
the Imperial Vally office and vehicle, if they will work out there. 
Thanks again for all you do for your Red Cross 

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