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Thanks Jerry, I forgot to change it back to the 130 machine. Will do that tomorrow night.

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Bob -

I noticed the reminder for the Tuesday night net notes the repeater being the 075 machine. I believe the 147.130 (+ offset, 107.2 PL) machine we were originally assiged to is back up (and was used last week for the net). Question: do we use the 075 machine or the 130 machine?

Know you might be busy, Bob, so if I don't hear from you I will hold the net on the 130 machine, with an announcement on the 075 machine approximately 5 minutes before net time.



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Subject: [ARC2_SDICC] Red Cross Communications Net, 5/16/2006, 7:00 pm

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Reminder from the Calendar of ARC2_SDICC

Red Cross Communications Net

Tuesday May 16, 2006
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
This event repeats every week.
Meeting on the 147.075 Repeater p/l 107.2


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