Please VOTE: ARRL Section Manager for SDG

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Please forward this message to Amateur Radio Operators you know in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

If you are an ARRL member, please VOTE for the candidate of your choice for ARRL Section Manager for SDG.

Your ballot should have arrived in the mail by now from ARRL headquarters.

To help you make your decision, I asked the two eligible candidates to answer a few questions to highlight their experience and qualifications.

Their answers have been posted for you to review.

To view their answers, please click here -->>

I also invite you to post your own questions for the candidates.  You may do so by posting them in that group (above),
or by sending your questions via email to -->> SDG-SM-2008@...

Please make sure that questions are serious, fair and respectful.

You are also invited to post comments and polite suggestions for the candidates to implement if they are elected.

Note: I am an independent free lance writer. I do not endorse or support either of the candidates and I am not working for either of the candidates. The online discussion forum described above is committed to remaining fair, neutral and unbiased.

If you are not currently an ARRL member, I encourage you to
join so that your voice can be heard in the next ARRL election.
Please look here -->>


Kurt Barnhart, N6MD
San Diego County

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