Wanted: Your Suggestions and Ideas on Emergency Communications

Lake Hodges Radio <lakehodgesradio@...>

A few of you have asked for a way to publicly
express your ideas and suggestions on Emergency
and Disaster Communications in the Greater San Diego Area.

Please look here -->> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SDGARES-IDEAS/

This is a new independent forum, open to all
people in the Greater San Diego area interested
in emergency communications and the Amateur Radio
Emergency ServiceĀ®, a registered trademark of the ARRLĀ®.

Think of this as a public suggestion box and a
place to share creative ideas that will help
Amateurs do good things for their communities.

You are invited to email your polite suggestions,
constructive comments and questions to -->> SDGARES-IDEAS@yahoogroups.com

Your messages will be visible
here -->> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SDGARES-IDEAS/messages



Kurt Barnhart, N6MD
Volunteer Forum Moderator
Private email: N6MD@...

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