Loss of Repeater - Simplex Operation Drill

"Jerry Kostro" <ak6qj-radioguy@...>

Hi, All!

Some of you may have experienced problems checking into nets and otherwise accessing the 130 and 075 repeaters.

Latest information I have is that there is a recently developed problem (or problems) that is periodically affecting users in certain areas at certain times of the day. The PARC folks are working on remedies, including increasing the separation between the 130 and 075 antennas.

If you've had trouble checking in, try a better antenna and more power, and/or go to a location as high up and with as clear a line of sight to Palomar Mtn as possible. If you have or can borrow a directional antenna (Yagi or log periodic), try using it. I've been able to access the repeaters using my Elk log periodic antenna, while I have had no luck with my usually efficient omni-directional Arrow J-pole at the same height.

I'm in the process of working up a "loss of repeater" simplex drill we'll try during one of our Tuesday night nets in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, I suggest that the NCSs for the next few weeks (W6SST, AK6QJ and KG6RGI) try the following procedure to check in as many folks as practical...

(1) Start the net on the 130 machine as usual, since everyone seems to be able to hear the repeater.

(2) Check in the North District as usual. At the end of the regular check in, do an additional "simplex" call down. After the regular check in, the NCS asks someone who checked in with a good signal to switch to simplex on the repeater's output (147.130 MHz, NO offset, NO PL), and quickly call down the list of North District members who did NOT respond during the first check in. When finished, this person reports to the NCS any additional check ins, as the NCS may not be able to hear some of these additional folks.

(3) Ditto the South District.

For you folks who are unable to access the repeater, be prepared to respond during the simplex call down. This means having your radio ready to transmit on the repeater's output frequency (147.130 MHz, NO offset, NO PL). If you weren't able to check in either via the repeater or simplex, please send me an email at ak6qj@... so we can make arrangements to include you the next time.

Any comments or suggestions welcome!



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