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Dan Hober

Hello bob.   You can put me down as "day to day" for the next couple of weeks.   The bigger the need the more available I can become.  I was on the team that took dispatch calls over night so I'll be ready to step up in that capacity as needed. 

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On Aug 26, 2017, at 12:35 PM, Bob Birch <rrbirch@...> wrote:

This is a heads up, I was just informed that San Diego may be setup as a virtual casework center in response to Hurricane Harvey.  There may be a need for DST response as National would be sending DST equipment here to support the operation.  There is no timing on this as of yet because Harvey is still very active.  I expect the need would be sometime next week when things start in recovery mode.  I would like to have a list of folks who would be able to assist next week if the need arises.  Please respond with you availability to support the operation if it becomes necessary.


Also as Jerry mentioned in previous e-mails we also need to be ready to respond to any potential shelter needs here in San Diego because of the expected hot weather. Things could get real active so make sure your go kits are ready!



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