Re: [ARC2_SDICC] Does CA's new cell phone law apply to mobile Amateur radios?

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Hi, Jack!
From the ARRL Letter, March 16th, 2008...
"Amateur Radio Exempt from California's New "Hands Free" Law: On July 1, the State of California will have new laws on the books to deal with the use of wireless telephones while driving. There has been some confusion as to whether California amateurs who operate in their car will be affected by the new law. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicle's Web site, "the use of dedicated two-way radios such as walkie-talkies or Citizen Band (CB) radios is not affected by the new law" for drivers 18 or older. "
FWIW this means that the law does not cover amateur radio operators, or ARRL will pay all our tickets. Just tell the nice CHiPs officer that you are talking on a Childrens' Band radio...
Reminds me of an old West Virginia proverb..."Neither life, liberty or property is safe when the Legislature is in session!"

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Q: What if my phone has a push-to-talk feature, can I use that?
A: No. The law does provide an exception for those operating a
commercial motor truck or truck tractor (excluding pickups),
implements of husbandry, farm vehicle or tow truck, to use a two-way
radio operated by a "push-to-talk" feature. However, a push-to-talk
feature attached to a hands-free ear piece or other hands-free device
is acceptable.

I don't meet any of the categories listed above. Nextel PTT phones
are not allowed. AFAIK, there aren't any Bluetooth Amateur mobiles.

So is this law shutting out Amateur mobiles?
Law goes into effect: July 1st, 2008

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