OC Red Cross Bootcamp


Here is the latest I have at this time.

Only people I show wanting to carpool at this time are

Travis (bringing the Trailer)
Danny Briggs (Riding with Travis)
Delora & Grady, if you could take the explorer from Hqtrs)
Tim Everingham (You would ride with Delora and Grady)

Karen Doose (Driving)
Georgia (Riding with Karen)
Mike Stelmach (not sure if you are going but could ride with Karen)
Mert (Thought you wanted to go, please confirm)

That's all I have on my list as going and wanting to car pool, let me know if there are others. If you are going and driving yourself please let me know so they can save spaces for us together.

Below is a list of activities you can expect to happen during the training. Notice it starts a 8am and ends at 12pm then lunch and on our way home. Leaving from Hqtrs you should plan for at least 1hr 30 min of travel time to get there. With the trailer you should add 15 min so 1hr 45min travel time.

If anyone going by themselves need directions let me know.

Remember BRING YOUR STUFF!!!!!


Saturday , May 31st training , 8am - noon
Orange County Red Cross parking lot
601 N. Golden Circle Drive , Santa Ana , Ca.
TALK IN ON 144.330 , a must for all incoming !

All attending : Dress duty uniform and ID - no exceptions .

Pick a position !

Safety Officer
Medical First Aid
Talk in net controller ( on scene at 7:30 am )
Parking director for mobile demos :
HF digital - no voice , just data
HF long range voice
HF short range , NVIS demo
MARS reps
APRS and mapping
HT battery station , including battery charging
Soldering station , for coax repairs
Anderson PowerPole demo station
IRLP Win rep , + Echo link
Satellite demo statioin , AMSAT
Beam team for VHF / UHF
Night Light team , for dark setups
Motorcycle Mobile
Comm trailer show and tell
Comm Van show and tell
Comm vehicle show and tell
ATV to chapter and helo pass receive
WiFi terminal to internet
SSTV on 2 meters to another station
Portable PA team to mind the speakers
Coast Guard Auxiliary demos
Quiet generator demo
Remote base demo and equipment

Each demo will be PAed on your own 144.330 handheld , or mobile radio . No tone , HT prefered . Your audio will be fed into a 12 VDC PA for all to hear your demo discussion .

Each demo will last 5 minutes . Interested communicators may lag behind for more , or return later for more info . No demo more than 5 minutes at first round .

Be prepared to write down test messages " from Chapter" and be prepared to change frequency to one of our other repeaters .

Food at noon. Pizza collection like last year.

This will be a fun event , and other-agency teams invited to show-and-tell too !

Gordon West

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