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Jim -
RE: Boot Camp. Enjoyed it myself. OC ARC's CDOC is to die for! Like our Radio Room better, though...
RE: NCS/North Check Ins... thanks - we'll roll you in somewhere.
RE: Winlinke Net. Been thinking about this. If you are going to check in on a regular basis, can you keep our group up to date on what's going on? I'm a member of the Winlink group, too, but between RACES, OC ARC and some problems I'm having getting an acceptable UHF signal out from my QTH I probably won't be a regular check in.
RE: Vista Winlink - want to play, but don't know if I can at this time. Will let you know.

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Hi Jerry,  What fun yesterday.  Bob had a great idea to have on of these boot camps here in SD county.  Big challenge but would be worth while.   Now I cannot do the OC arc report because it conflicts with a winlink/rms net on Mondays.  I need to do this to keep abreast of the training and technology so I can be prepared.  Once a month there is a  county wide CERT net on Tuesday evenings at 1900 hours so I will plan for that and work around the schedule to not book SDARC net when that occurs on the RACES vhf repeater.  Complicated life!   So you can put me down for net control or north check in for June 17  or 24th, if you don’t get any newbes or is still blank.  Thanks Jerry for your help on the winlink/rms stuff.  Working with it yesterday solidified my understanding of it.  I bought another KPC3plus and plan to leave the rms station at home and test various likely shelter locations in Vista and see what the coverage is by taking my other tnc/radio/laptop mobile  Fun Fun . Let me know if you want to play.    Jim

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Subject: [ARC2_SDICC] June 2008 - Net & Liaison Assignments

Hi, All!

It's that time again! Looking for volunteer Net Controls, folks to check in the districts, and people to monitor and check in to the OC ARC net.

Since the OC ARC Boot Camp is replacing our regular monthly meeting, we'll have to make the June/early July assignments via the "magic" of email.

Attached is the latest roster and a tentative assignment list for June. Let me know which date(s) you want. We'll work out any conflicts on a case-by-case basis.



For you new or regular net members who haven't (as yet) tried Net Control, District Check In, or OC ARC liaison...(and you know who you are...)


Someday the waste products will hit the rotating airfoil and you just might want to start and/or help run a net until the cavalry arrives...

Learning how to do it is easy. We supply the time slot, participants, and script - you supply the voice. Nothing simpler..



Anyway, I tried.


Jerry aka AK6QJ

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