Surplus Radios

Jer Kostro - Red Cross

I've recently upgraded my QTH and mobile stations and I have some surplus equipment for sale:

Two (2) Kenwood D-700A dual band transceivers each with instruction booklets, mounting brackets and a programming cable (you add the USB-serial converter if you don't have a serial port on your computer).

One (1) KPC3 TNC with 5.1 firmware (does Winlink just fine)

One (1) KPC3 TNC with 8.2 firmware (ditto Winlink and should have additional APRS capabilities - never used it as such, so can't confirm)

All equipment has been well maintained and fully functional. I'll have them with me tomorrow at the meeting.

Normally I wouldn't offer these in a venue such as this, except this time I know their one owner well (me).  They have been extremely useful pieces of equipment in my Red Cross and other emcom work, so I thought they might be useful to someone on the team. If you have any questions please contact me direct at jer.kostro.AK6QJ@... .

73, Jer

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