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Daniel Musick

Jim You can help me. Bob I would like to help put up the VIASAT dish.
Jim I will be on parc 146.730 If you want to talk.

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Hi Bob,
I'd be hard-pressed to setup any of the items you mention but would like to attend and get more familiar with the details.  Is that OK?  I can be at Poway's City Hall by 0900.
Jim Metts

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One additional note,


If you are a ham radio operator use ARC Channel 1 the PARC 130 machine for communications to the City of Poway. After you arrive we will be changing frequencies.





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I know this a duplicate for some but need to insure everyone gets the notice.



Appears everything is in place and hopefully the weather cooperates for tomorrows drill with the City of Poway.

Below is some additional information about the drill.

Around 8am you should receive notification via OneCall from the Communications Duty Officer about an earthquake that happened near the City of Poway. You will be told where to report for staging and deployment. If you are a ham radio operator you are going to hear a lot of traffic related to Lowes Parking Lot.  For drill purposes Lowes parking lot will actually be Poway City Hall located at 13325 Civic Center Drive in the city of Poway. If you don't get the OneCall notification plan on being at the Poway City Hall by 9am

As a part of the drill the I-15 overpass collapsed onto Camino Del Norte and traffic is backed up, also there large boulders blocking highway 67. As part of the drill determine how you will get to Poway City Hall without using those locations.

We will be setting up a virtual shelter that will be called Poway High School, although it will not really be at the high school. You will get the location you need to go to after you arrive at the staging area.

Our plan is to setup the HF Go Kit and ViaSat dish at the virtual shelter. We will also setup the VHF Go Kit at the staging area.

There are going to be 7 different groups participating in this drill tomorrow so lets have some fun, practice our skills, and take notes to share later on about what went well and what didn't go so well.

Thanks for your participation
Bob Birch
DST Activity Lead
Phone 760 533 1957



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