July Meeting

Bob Birch <rrbirch@...>

As a part of tonights net I would like a poll as to what weekend you would like to hold this months meeting. Our normal meeting is scheduled for July 5th, I know that's part of a three day weekend and some may be out of town. With gas prices like they are maybe no one is going to be out of town. The other date is the next weekend July 12th, I know some of you attend the ARES meeting and this time slot conflicts with their meeting.

Also weather is looking to be hot this weekend again. A lot of strike teams have left San Diego to fight fires in Northern California. All agencies are on high alert so I would request that you look over your go bags, charge you HT's and prepared just in case.

Lastly we are coming up to Field Day this weekend. We will be participating with PARC off of Hwy 78 in San Marcos. Just in front of the San Marcos Sheriff Sub Station and fire training center. Would love to see all of you there.


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