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Forwarded request for HAM operators for the SD100 Run
Ham Radio Community,

If you are looking for a radio training opportunity, volunteers are needed
the evening of Friday, 6/7/19 to support communications at Aid Stations
along the course of the San Diego 100 Mile Ultra Endurance Run. Although
this is not an ARES, ACS, or SWREACT event, the event provides backcountry
operating experience under tough conditions in the Cuyamaca and Laguna
Mountain Ranges.

Some Aid Stations are accessible by paved road; other Aid Stations require
a high-clearance vehicle.

For runner safety, Ham radio volunteers help track the bib numbers of
runners as they pass through Aid Stations that have no reliable cell phone
service. Some shifts start on Friday, June 7 at 1500 and end by midnight.
Other shifts start later and are overnight shifts. We assign about five
hams to each Aid Station.

To volunteer, or for more information, contact K6RJF.ROB@....

Thank you.
.. . . Rob

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