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Greg Hidley

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On Sun, Jun 2, 2019 at 5:35 PM Jer Kostro - Red Cross <jer.kostro.AK6QJ@...> wrote:
Hi, All -

A number of you have the Anytone 878s now. Besides the instructions for
those of you so inclined some interesting info can be found here:

Some recommendations based on my experience the the 868/878 as well as
what I learned from the Internet:

(1) If you look at the back of your radio you'll notice the metal
charging tabs are relatively exposed. You really don't want these to
short out. You might want to invest in a radio pouch or holster (5.11
makes a nice one that fits the radio well  for around $15 when on sale ) or, in a pinch a piece of
blue painter's tape will work. Just take the tape off when you are ready
to charge the radio, or else the process it will take a LONG time. Ask
me how I know...:-)

(2) There have been reported problems with the 868 version of this radio
being damaged when transmitting while in the charger or with the USB
programming cable attached. This may hold true for the 878 - best to
avoid pushing the PTT in these circumstances. Personally when I charge
my radios I turn them off as recommended.

(3) For the best battery life suggest you review section 2 "Battery
Information" in your operating manual. These radios don't seem to have
very sophisticated Li-ion battery protection circuits. TL-DR fully
charge/discharge a couple of time for best capacity; take the radio out
of the charger when the light turns green; leave the radio off when


Jer aka AK6QJ

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