DMR - Notes From Yesterday's Meeting

Jer Kostro - Red Cross

HI (Again) -

For those of you at yesterday's meeting (and those of you that weren't) I've documented some of the topics we talked about:

Radio IDs -! Most of you who have DMR radios have been to this site already and have registered. IIRC new assignee's can have up to two Radio IDs. You can probably get a few more but you have to convince the administrators to give them to you. If you don't have a Radio ID you'll need to upload an "official" copy of your FCC license to the site. Instructions here . "Reference" copies DO NOT WORK - has to be marked "Official".

Note: you don't need a separate Radio ID for a hotspot (like a ZumSpot). Use the ID of the radio you will be using the hotspot with.

Updating the contact list - go to this website and download the zip file. Unzip, open your CPS software and import the CSV file (TOOL - IMPORT - select the CSV file in the DIGITAL CONTACT LIST box). The worldwide list is large - it will take four or five minutes to load.

DO NOT IMPORT the file INTO THE RADIO ID box! (You have been warned!)

The file seems to beĀ  updated weekly on Tuesdays. You can take the CSV file, import it into a spreadsheet program, and modify as necessary. Eventually this will be necessary as the contact list will outgrow the capacity of the 878. (Current list is ~133,000 IDs - IIRC the 878 can handle up to 160,000). Personally, updating once a month works for me.

Brandmeister System -

Hoseline is the online service you can use to monitor talk groups. Selected links follow: (our Red Cross primary talk group) (our Red Cross tactical TG) (Nationwide calling - always something going on here) (California - The DMR Net is on this TG 2000 hours Monday evenings)

If you register on the system you can avail yourself of additional services. Especially useful if you are running a hotspot.

PAPA System - highly recommend you consider joining if you are not already a member - IMHO a very good value for what you get. You can register as a guest and check them out for free.

Lots of useful information can be found here:

More later when/if I think of it. Please let me know if I missed anything.


Jer aka AK6QJ

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