Fun With DMR

Jer Kostro - Red Cross

Hi, All -

Did a little experiment tonight re: the PAPA System DMR net. I used two Anytone HTs - one accessing the San Marcos Peak repeater, the other one monitoring through the Internet using a ZumSpot USB with a RasPi 3A+.


  • The ZumSpot audio lagged the repeater audio by 1-2 seconds. A little disconcerting to listen to at first but by maximizing the difference in audio levels I was able to concentrate on one radio while monitoring the second.
  • During a one hour period I experience ten (10) "cutouts" (aka loss of signal). They were relatively short - 3-20 seconds.
  • Seven of the cutouts were on the SMP repeater, probably due to someone capturing the time slot as these cutouts were longer (steady blue light but no audio).
  • One of the cutouts was due to a burble with the ZumSpot. Have no idea what caused it. Internet service here at the Hacienda provided by Spectrum cable. Perhaps a bandwidth issue in the neighborhood as the XYL was viewing a DVD.
  • Two cutouts were user error as Michael AF6FB commented on not being able to hear the station or audio issues due to high packet loss.
  • IMHO the system worked as well as I've heard it since I started listening to this net in mid-May. Also most participants are getting a handle on their audio levels.


 Jer aka AK6QJ

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