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Jer Kostro - Red Cross

FYI from the ARES folks re: SDG&E.


Jer aka AK6QJ

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Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2019 14:00:49 -0700
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A few of my personal notes from what I learned at an SDG&E public presentation on this topic Spring 2018, these notes mostly came from the Q&A. The most relevant page in the power point Rob forwarded is page 8:

  • along with "back country", power shutoff can/will also affect the wildland urban interface (WUI), those areas that border "open space".  Deep urban dwellers not so much unless a major transmission line is shut down
  • "Patrolled"= inspected.   SDG&E has no other means to determine grid integrity than eye-balls, either in trucks or helicopters
  • a multi-day Santa Ana event (we know what those are like) will postpone the start of inspections until forecast wind conditions are below SDG&E's hazard thresholds
  • along with forecast wind gust thresholds, there are forecast sustained wind thresholds that will hold the start of inspections
  • a three-day Santa Ana event means grid sections that have been turned OFF, will likely not be re-energized until the end of day four at earliest depending on the availability of inspection resources
  • commercial and residential restoration is the lowest priority
  • how many $'s worth of frozen goods will thaw to an unsafe temperature after four days?
  • how many $'s worth of refrigerated goods will warm to an unsafe temperature after four days?
  • if your water source is an on-site well, do you have four days worth of pumped storage?
  • back country fire stations that depend on well water are equally affected. Separately, a Cleveland NF fire captain told me his stations are not equipped with gensets, nor are Cal Fire stations
  • ha! I have solar! Grid-connected solar will be automatically OFF during PSPS events for SDG&E worker safety
IMHO, Santa Ana event prep now includes genset and fuel for four days. ready. set. go.


On 7/24/2019 1:55 PM, Rob Freeburn k6rjf.rob@... [SDGARES] wrote:

ARES Members,

Attached for your situational awareness is a Sempra presentation on
the Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) program.

As you know, when the power drops, we start to lose cell towers and
repeaters because back-up power supplies do not always work.

.. . . Rob


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