Re: Latest PAPA SYS Code Plug


maybe my problem.
When I opened the new code plug it got an error and automatically loaded my old file.
When I used the open new file it showed an error.
So I was looking at my old file.
A funny glitch in the software to open a file other than the one I was attempting to load.
For me the code plug I downloaded twice errors when I load it.

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Interesting, no they are not maintaining it. To my knowledge. Only person I have given our codeplug to is the person who has been selling us the radios. I just sent him a new codeplug because of the changes to Elsuore Peak.

I will have to go out to PAPA and take a look


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Subject: [ARC2-SDICC] Latest PAPA SYS Code Plug

I noticed that the latest code plug released by the papa system for general D878 use has all of our ARC frequencies included.
600 and 800 channels.
I thought we took their release and updated with our information.
Are they now maintaining for us?

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