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Bob Bernardi



Thanks for the info. I did program up some of the red cross analog channels with only the encode CTCSS code. I haven’t tried to transmit on them, but I was able to listen to conversations on a few of the PAPA repeaters.




P.S. What is the web site you guys use to order the lithium ion phosphate batteries?


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Bob -

Not very familiar with the 60 but many Yaesu transceivers don't allow the entry of CTCSS decode PLs. In most cases repeaters including those of the  PAPA system the decode PLs are optional. Decode PLs may hide a certain amount of interference from the repeater user, but doesn't affect using the repeater itself. Decode PLs may be required by a repeater operator to isolate users in certain circumstances - ACS voted system does this when they isolate one of their mountaintop stations.


 Jer aka AK6QJ

On 12/18/2019 8:38 PM, Bob Bernardi via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi all

I have a Yaseu FT-60R/E. I am trying to program it the Papa analog repeaters but I can not figure out how to put in separate CTCSS encode and decode freqs. Is this even possible? If not can I use it with repeaters with separate frequencies. 

Thanks in advance

P.S. Happy Holidays to you and your kin.

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