Re: PAPA Meeting - USNS Mercy Presentation


Hi Steve
Sorry I missed the PAPA meeting. I would have joined if I had gotten a notice about it. I am a PAPA member but have heard nothing from the group since the Pandemic hit.The photos did not come thru. 73 Bruce WA6DNT

On 5/9/2020 10:07 PM, Steve wrote:
If you happened to miss the PAPA online meeting today (Bob!) the guest speakers were hams aboard the USNS Mercy, discussing their ham shack - K6MRC.  See photo below.
They have a lot of gear as you can see, but no DMR.  (The Comfort does not have a ham shack.)
On their humanitarian missions around the world sometimes ham radio is the best if not the only communication method.
Each PAPA meeting has 1 or more door prizes depending on how many tickets are sold.  One of today's prizes was an Anytone 878.  The winner donated it to the ship's crew.  The club is going to donate a 578 as well.
73 Steve

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