Re: PAPA Meeting - USNS Mercy Presentation


On 5/10/2020 11:29 AM, Steve wrote:
Bruce - the photos came through even on your forwarded message so there may be something amiss at your end.  
I received multiple reminders from PAPA so you may want to check your email address on and your spam folder.

Jer, thanks for the update.
The rack as I have it:

Flex Radio
Icom IC-7100 - SCS modem
Icom 7200 - SCS modem
Icom 7200 - SCS modem 
Icom IC-880 - Icom IC-2300H
Icom IC-880 x 2
Unknown - Icom ID-1
Cisco 3845 router
Talknet ? radios


Hi Steve  I found the problem, my "Thunderbird E-mail" client, blocked the photo's. WOW what a cllection of commercial radio gear! I guess they have HF radio onboard as I saw some "Harris" HF radios on the bottom of the rack.  73 Bruce WA6DNT

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