SignaLink order status

Martin Offenhauer

Hi All,
Just received this from Charles concerning a bulk order for Signalinks.  If anyone is interested in purchasing one to do WinLink, please contact Charles. The more we order the lower the price.

"To date, we have enough orders for the 10 unit price of $105. The next price break would be for 25 units and that would get us to $98. 
The price includes one cable for the radio of your choice.  If you need an extra cable they would be $18 each.  "

Charles Zurenko, N2TFS │ Disaster Services Technology


Arizona - New Mexico

4747 N. 22nd Street

Phoenix, AZ 85016
(602) 336-6669 (p) 
│ (607) 435-3461 (c)

Charles.Zurenko@...   "


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