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William Calderwood

Greg -

  Beware there are several versions of the 578.  One version is triband with 2, 1.25 and .75 meters.  Another version only has 2 and .75 meters, but its part 90 certified (which you might be required to use if you support government/NGO outside the ham bands).  There are also variations of the above with and without bluetooth and with and without GPS.  So my advice is to determine what you want and be sure what you are buying meets those requirements.  HRO has them as does a number of web merchants (like Bridgecom)

  Beware that if you want to interface fldigi/winlink express/packet to the 578 the way I've seen on the web is to conduct surgery to the microphone.  It winds up being kinda neat but its more complicated than just buying a signalink interface cable from Tigertronics and plugging it into the back of the radio.

  Despite my desire to get a good base DMR radio to increase power and convenience over the 868/878 the above issues have compelled me to hold off for a bit to be sure I get what I['m looking for.

     73, Bill K1CT

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Give me a call to discuss the 578.




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Have any of you bought Anytone D578 transceivers? If so, where did you buy them and how do you like them? 





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