FW: Anytone 587 UV III PRO Transmit power

Gary Kent

I got the following request from a ham in Sydney Australia and I thought I would forward the results.


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I just did some power measurements on my Anytone 578 and the results are as follows (using a Bird 43 wattmeter,  a 13.8 VDC power supply and  FM modulation)


146.19 MHZ  L (low)  2 watts

                          M (Mid) 14 watts

                          H (High) 25 watts

                          T (Turbo) 60 watts

222.8 MHz   L =1.5 watts

                        M = 5 watts

                        H  = 5 Watts

                        T = 5 Watts


442.000 MHz   L =1 watt

                             M= 7 watts

                             H = 20 watts

                             T = 40 watts.



Hope this helps.



Gary Kent


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Subject: Anytone 587 UV III PRO


Grretings gary, this is VK2CRB from Sydney.


Read your reviews from eHam regarding the Anytone radio. Bridgecom would not have the professional courtesy to answer some questions, I thought quite appalling but such is life.


I wonder, if you own one, that I could ask you if you have measured the power output and how much truth the Chinese are telling. I just sold my TYT MD 9600 as the 50 Watts turned up to be only 38. And measuring the FT 991A in the same VHF FX with same antenna and cable, I measured 52..............so that tells something?

Not sure if Anytone might be a bit better and I can imagine that the RX front end would not have filtering either. 

I sell commercial Motorola radios in Australia, and yes, I know there is a difference but TYT made me go backwards in trusting anything from China.


Thanks and hope you do not mind me asking this.







Richard Benfatto


0434 747 908



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