November 14 Winlink Drill

Fred Curtis, KI6GRO


I have attached the drill instructions and the exercise weather map.
The drill seems very straight forward and is much more simple than the one in spring.  For addressee purposes, Winlink traffic will be sent to "ARCPACIFIC" since that is the geographic division we are in.  The form to be used is a Red Cross ICS-213 template.  The information they want on the form is contained in the instructions.  The weather map and info goes with the drill.
The time of the drill is 9:00 am EST(6:00 am local) until 6:00 pm local time.

I have contacted the local ARES leadership and sent them the instructions/forms.  They are planning on participating.

I received the information from Wayne Robertson, K4WK.  His email address is wayne.robertson@....




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