November 14 Winlink Drill Update

Fred Curtis, KI6GRO


I attended a Teams meeting on the subject drill last night.  A couple of take-aways from the meeting and a revised set of instructions (see attached) were discussed.
  • This drill, from the RC perspective, is to get everyone up to a "basic level of proficiency".  They are trying to promote the use of Winlink at the RC.  
  • This is a Winlink only drill, no FLDIGI
  • RC ICS-213's are the only form that is to sent to the Red Cross Divisional Clearinghouses.  No other forms or traffic.  Local groups are free to send additional traffic to other addresses/stations if they wish.  Only RC ICS-213's to Divisional Clearinghouses (in our case "ARCPACIFIC").  For ARCPACIFIC, Bruce Powell will be reviewing traffic.
Let me know if you have questions.



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