Red Cross Net Changes

Bob Birch

Just a reminder that was announced on last weeks net and again on Saturday during our monthly meeting.


We are moving our nets to the PAPA System starting tomorrow at 8pm.


Below are the repeaters that will be isolated from the remainder of the PAPA System for the duration of our net.


P07 Toro  446.380- pl 103.5

P09 San Marcos Peak  446.720- pl 103.5

P10 Palomar 448.540- pl 103.5

P11 Otay  447.560- pl 103.5

P15 Woodson  446.360- pl 103.5

P18 Edom Hill  445.860- pl 103.5


Look at your radios you plan to use for the net to make sure you have one or more of these in your radios.



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