Random MAC address

Bob Bernardi

Hi All


Fyi. Not sure if you know this or it is useful to you but here goes:


I was scanning my wifi network tonight and found a bunch of devices on it with MAC addresses I didn’t recognize. They used my first name  and in some cases a device name that I had entered. I was concerned. After some investigation I found out the ios 14 introduced MAC address randomization. I is supposed to make you apple devices more difficult to track across wifi networks. If you go to SETTING, WI-FI and click on the name of the network you are connected to, you can see if you are using randomization if the Private Address is selected. Below it is the current MAC address  the device is using.


The one issue I have with it right now that it clutters up the network map my Linksys router generates. Not sure if I will keep it on when on my home network. Any ideas or suggestions?



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