Re: Anytone 578 Mobile Firmware Update

Bob Bernardi

Thanks for info, I downloaded ver 1.12 but have not installed it.


On Mar 4, 2021, at 8:51 AM, Steve <stevew6sjk@...> wrote:

Not sure how many have this radio.  Might only be 2 of us... ?  From a Facebook post:

"Glitches in CPS v1.12 for the D578UV mobile radio have been corrected by the official release of CPS v1.13. This CPS v1.13 is to be used with the firmware FW v1.12, released in February. This new CPS can be downloaded from this page:
Also on this page, the link to FW v1.12 has been modified to include the correct CPS to use with the firmware update. If you have not updated to FW v1.12 yet, you can download the firmware update file and have everything you need to update your radio.
Although I've not heard anything from the factory, it's possible a matching firmware (v1.13) may follow. If it does, I'll let you know."


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