Re: Anytone 578 dual band

Bill Rose

Hi Steve,

That was me and thanks for the heads up .. that's sounds like quite a deal but I'll have to see what version it is .. and compare it along with any deal Bob puts together !!

Could you also possibly give me the info on the Solar Panel you were talking about with Bob that beleive you also mentioned weeks ago on the net, if I remember correctly .. you also got my attention on that one as well all over again .. hi hi !!

Thanks again,

73, Bill K6HMS
(714) 612-6758 - Cell

On Sun, Apr 4, 2021 at 1:31 PM Steve <stevew6sjk@...> wrote:
To whomever was asking about the Anytone 578 group purchase, there is a dual band version on QRZ for $275 incl shipping.  $399 list.  More than 30% off plus the tax savings.

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