"Jerry - AK6QJ" <ak6qj-radioguy@...>

Hi, All!

Exercise in on track for this weekend. I've uploaded the latest
document revisions to the Autumn Sentinel folder, which can be found
in the FILES section.

If you are participating, please review the Players' FAQ that was
sent to you last week. If you don't have a copy, I've uploaded one to
the Autumn Sentinel folder. Alternatively, email me and I'll send a
copy directly to you.

One suggestion - please bring a letter-size clipboard and
pens/pencils with you, as you may be juggling some paper.

If you are on pre-deployment status for Gustav, Hanna, Ike, etc.
please consider participating, anyway. No problem if later on you
can't make it to the Saturday session, or have to leave early.



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