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Hi Roger & June -
We're having a readiness exercise tomorrow in place of our regular monthly meeting - of course you are included if you want to be!
Basically simulating the deployment of Field Teams to shelters. For more information please download the Players' FAQ found in the Autumn Sentinel folder in the FILES section. I can send you a copy directly - just send me an email off group.

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We missed the net Tues.due to medical distractions.  Briefly, what is happening Sat,,  and what is the timeline?   Are we included?
Roger & June McCollough

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Subject: [ARC2_SDICC] AUTUMN SENTINEL Document Freeze
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Hi, All!

Just uploaded two revised documents to the AUTUMN SENTINEL folder in
the FILES section. All document revisions are now "frozen" until after
the exercise.

Each Field Team will have a copy of the Field Operations Notebook
(containing these revised and other docs and forms) to use during the
exercise. However, feel free to print any or all uploaded documents for
you own use.


Jerry aka AK6QJ

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