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Bob Birch

Thanks Jer,

Yes the PAPA System has been and is still a very active supporter of the Red Cross. They are working to help get the portable repeater setup and on Arden for us so we will have access to their system in remote areas.

We do have a significant number of Red Cross DST folks who are members of PAPA. At last count there were 14 of us that joined or were members of PAPA. With that many members of PAPA on the team we should never have an issue with getting system updates out to the team. We will also make sure the codeplugs are updated as changes are made, that way you will just need to load the newest codeplug and your ready to go.

Like Jerry said running this many repeaters with site rent, electricity, internet connections its not cheap to keep it working well. What they are doing for the Red Cross is not costing the us anything. The fact they are doing this shows their support of emergency communications With that being said, if you are able to afford joining, please do so, it only will make the system better, as they continue to upgrade to make a stronger system.

If you have concerns or questions, please reach out to me so I can address them.


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Hi, All -

A few comments about the Papa Website -

- This is a new website for the PAPA System. There will be teething pains. One of the challenges is locking down the site so that bad actors can't hijack it. Not unusual for a new website design to require password changes, especially if the old site was less than secure. FWIW IMHO the Internet is no longer the Wild West - it's beginning to have a more "Escape from New York" vibe to it. Organization wishing to protect their digital assets act accordingly. As a result there may be some additional restrictions on the content.

- The PAPA System is very supportive of the Red Cross - the fact that they allow several Red Cross members access to their "control room"
underscores this. Red Cross volunteers who are not members of the PAPA System have access to their repeaters. A number of Red Cross volunteers including Bob and myself are members - we will ensure Red Cross volunteers will have access to the latest repeater information. BTW consider joining PAPA if you can swing it. Great coverage throughout Southern California - the group is very active in maintaining/expanding the system - the care and feeding of mountaintop repeaters is not cheap so I'm sure the PAPA folks would appreciate your support.

- Which brings me to PLs. Most of the PLs where changed in calendar year 2020. The latest code plug (05/12/2021) reflects all applicable changes to date. IMHO#2 I don't believe we'll see additional UHF PL changes unless a new interference issue raises its ugly head. This is one of the downsides of the large number of repeaters we have in Southern California.

If there are changes we will either issue a new code plug and/or send out an email addressing the situation.

- Bob is the Chapter representative to the PAPA System. He has a close working relationship with Cecil. Don't hesitate to address your concerns to him. He will look into it or detail someone else (probably me) to bird dog it.


Jer aka AK6QJ

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