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To Red Cross DST group

I voiced my concern during the Saturday meeting, but there seems to be little movement by DST members to develop communications technology for disaster communications. I will now cast a wider net. Look at this paste from SEC-ARES:

"On 8/9/2021 6:21 AM, Catherine James, NQ1B wrote:
Here in Vermont, we have done tests on sending short files over VHF simplex, UHF linked repeaters, and HF.

MT63 has proved to be the best mode on VHF simplex. We've successfully used it to cross a mountain range on 2 meters with about 30 miles range. This required vertically polarized beams if 3 or 4 elements on both ends, but at very modest heights, just above rooftops of single-floor houses. We find that 20 to 50 watts is usually sufficient. Doing FM voice over the same path with the same antennas requires over 100 watts.

If conditions are good, we'll use MT63-2000. If poor, we change to MT63-1000 or MT63-500, making for slower but more reliable transmissions.

Cathy James NQ1B
ARES SEC Vermont"
Now there is a group that is developing communications tools during the Pandemic!!  So WHY are we in Red Cross DST sitting on our hands during this pandemic!!?? True, the Thursday Winlink drills will develop skills in using Winlink. BUT that is only sending traffic into the local gateway in T.J. or Telnet. What if these  path's did NOT exist?? Are we as a DST Team learning how to pass message traffic using P2P ?? How about a traffic passing test from a radio hole in the East County thru a portable mountain P2P relay with solar power??  How about the Palomar 146.700 repeater? Red Cross HAS approval from PARC to use it for digital traffic. From the message above, we could be using VARA-FM   AND MT-63 !   In the past we have used the Red Cross  "Go-Kits" with FT897' and SCS PTC2 modems to pass PACTOR traffic on 80 & 40 NVIS  - we could also try 60 meters. We have passed  PACTOR traffic between San Diego to the desert - over a 90 mile mountainous path, using "Knife Edge" refraction using 2 Meter SSB!!  There are MANY TRAINING opportunities the Red Cross DST could be using to increase our preparedness level to pass Disaster traffic. LETS DO IT!

BTW my ""  link still does not work - I can send into it, but get no traffic from it.  Also my STILL does not work!

73 Bruce

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