P2P Winlink Exercise Sat 9/11 (planning)


My friend Scott MacGillivray (KM6RTE) - (OCHEART) is planning a P2P exercise for Saturday 9/11 in Orange County. He will be setup in the Orange hills and I will be at Seaview park in South OC. We need a skilled operator to position themselves in North OC. We have a few sites in mind but are open to suggestions. 

I am writing to see if our group is interested in participating.  P2P is the “when all else fails” method of transmitting Winlink messages and ICS forms.  It is a critical skill to understand and practice.  We all would be operating from separate locations throughout the area.  This would be a radio only exercise. 

Who’s up to the challenge?

Side note: our neighbors SDG-ARES and LAX-ARES doe drills like this about once a quarter on a wide scale and more frequently within their geographic areas 


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