Re: P2P Winlink Exercise Sat 9/11 (planning)

Behrends, Kent

I am not in North OC, but in Chino Hills – North _of_ OC 😊

I am willing to participate in the P2P using UHF or VHF.

I’ve had much better luck with Vara FM then Packet, but can support both.


Well we have relays across the region?

Is there a way to tell the path a message took?

i.e.: mail headers that show Station->Station->Station


Will there be a set of simplex frequencies pre-defined for P2P use?


Should be fun!



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From: <> on behalf of Mark Warrick (KM6ZPO) via <mark@...>
Date: Sunday, August 15, 2021 at 08:37
To: <>
Subject: [ARC2-SDICC] P2P Winlink Exercise Sat 9/11 (planning)

My friend Scott MacGillivray (KM6RTE) - (OCHEART) is planning a P2P exercise for Saturday 9/11 in Orange County. He will be setup in the Orange hills and I will be at Seaview park in South OC. We need a skilled operator to position themselves in North OC. We have a few sites in mind but are open to suggestions. 

I am writing to see if our group is interested in participating.  P2P is the “when all else fails” method of transmitting Winlink messages and ICS forms.  It is a critical skill to understand and practice.  We all would be operating from separate locations throughout the area.  This would be a radio only exercise. 

Who’s up to the challenge?

Side note: our neighbors SDG-ARES and LAX-ARES doe drills like this about once a quarter on a wide scale and more frequently within their geographic areas 


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