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Thanks Nat
For the update on AREDN!
 This makes me wish I lived on the coast! I am waiting for a usable AREDN signal to my roof in Mira Mesa!!
Why can't there be an AREDN node be installed on "Black Mountain" ??
Until then all I have is VARA HF & VHF.

73 Bruce  WA6DNT@...   WA6DNT@ Cell:619-890-0789    Red Cross DST NNC9RC

On 9/13/2021 12:35 PM, Nat 2733E N6BRV wrote:

Quick summary:


Yesterday, I visited Andre K6AH QTH and exchanged my Homemade gourmet bread with his AREDN Antenna & Hardware.

I dully placed the Mikrotik 5GHz Antenna on my diminutive window and WOW, AREDN is running.

The 3 high Res (4Mb) pictures in the attachment were sent by RF AREDN through 5 GHz MikroTik. Looks like the original. Handshake – flawless.


In summary,

·         The one hop to AI6BX node worked well with 7.5Mbps (7,500Kbps) rate.  Actual speed test (tunnel through Los Angeles server, I’m in Carlsbad now) yielded ~ 0.4Mbps (400Kbps). Without optimized antenna direction.  Will retest when the antenna direction is optimized with San Diego server.

·         Everything is done by the AREDN software, just have to configure the setup appropriately.

·         Sending and receiving eMails, Browsing the Internet were as transparent as if I was using commercial WAN attached to my LAN.


Overall, I’m excited to learning more and grow with AREDN.

And many thanks again to Andre K6AH and the AREDN team. They’ve done an excellent job so far to say the least.


73' N6BRV Nat S.


From: [] On Behalf Of Andre Hansen
Sent: Friday, September 10, 2021 1:14 PM
Subject: Re: [ARC2-SDICC] Great use case of AREDN supporting cloud based computing


The theoretical limit on an AREDN link is 144 Mbps based on the 802.11n RF encoding scheme.  The 400 Mbps they describe in the article refers to the user WIFI connection.


Note that the San Diego AREDN backbone network is in the process of being redesigned to be in compliance with recent FCC spectrum changes.  Also note that ownership of the backbone has been transferred to Keith, AI6BX, because I am no longer able to service these nodes.




Andre, K6AH

From: [] On Behalf Of Mark Warrick (KM6ZPO)
Sent: Friday, September 10, 2021 7:28 AM
Subject: [ARC2-SDICC] Great use case of AREDN supporting cloud based computing


It is my understanding that the American Red Cross relies entirely upon their computing systems, all of which are cloud based. Therefore, I will focus my attention upon solutions that meet that basic operating need of every part of this organization.  

I am a ham radio operator, but I also have 40 years of computing experience. I recognize that no form of radio communications can support the data needs of the organization. AREDN CAN fill the gaps of necessary data links when they are down.  We only need to put effort into figuring out how.



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