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Hi Mark
I am slowly coming to realize that AREDN will never be available on my roof in Mira Mesa, unless there is a node installed on "Black Mt" just NE of me (which currently prevents a path to Palomar). So to learn about this AREDN mode, I will have to go mobile in my Tacoma truck, and drive to some high elevation to get the 5.8 GC signal. Just what would I need to purchase in equipment, to run high speed AREDN mobile and what would I need to set up as an AREDN mobile relay point?? I am sure it would take two very  high gain dish antennas, to bridge the long distances as a relay point in San Diego, and also  relatively high power 5.8 GC transmitters. So what and how do I order as to manufacture model numbers for AREDN equipment and antennas for long distance point to point communications? I currently know very little about 5.8 GC equipment and antennas as well as the computer side of things.  Also how would I "AIM" these dish antennas from a mobile platform, to establish long distance relay communications?? From Cuyamaca Peak these path's out to the desert and back to San Diego would be at least 50 -90 miles.   (from my experience with 2.7 GC ITV signal from Mt. Soledad to Mira Mesa - all it takes is a small tree branch to block the 10 mile signal path)
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Excellent, Nat, you're on the AREDN MESH.  I agree that if you find a better mount point for that dish, you'll get better results.  But 7 Mbps is not too shabby.  That's plenty enough for voice and video calls.


Now that you're here, drop by my home node (KM6ZPO-HAP-LITE) to see some services that are common on the MESH:


You will find:
  1. A voice over IP PBX (you can't login - but you'll see the admin screen)
  2. An email server (useful for hams to communicate with non-hams) - Non hams can login from the non-ham (Internet) side:
  3. MeshChat (simple, common "chat" service) http://km6zpo-pi.local.mesh/meshchat/ 
  4. A MeshMap http://km6zpo-pi.local.mesh//meshmap/webpage/map_display.php 
  5. A TeamTalk Server (voice, chat, file sharing, etc.)   http://km6zpo-pi.local.mesh:10333/   u:guest p:guest
  6. A Mumble Server (voice and text chat) http://km6zpo-mumble-server.local.mesh:64738/  u:guest p:password
  7. An IP phone (direct IP dial - or dial via the PBX - Xtn. 5000 or dial via an outside POTS line (ask me for the number) or Ham Shack Hotline 50160
  8. A simple website: http://km6zpo-website.local.mesh/wordpress/
  9. And finally, you'll see a Winlink Relay there.
Got Winlink? Try a telnet post office connection to simulate the ability to send messages even with an Internet outage.  My Winlink Relay Server: km6zpo-winlink.local.mesh standard port 8772

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