Re: AREDN - there is hope


Hey Nat,

I appreciate all the work you're doing to self-teach yourself about AREDN's capabilities.  I mentioned a few practical services in previous messages and as you noted, the DOCS on the AREDN site mention quite a few more practical applications.  One thing that isn't mentioned though (not sure why) is Faxing over AREDN.  I'm not a 100% sure it's 100% legal, so I've asked the community for input in that area in this forum post:

Nat if you happen to have a Fax machine and an ATA phone adapter, you could try sending me a fax.  Search the mesh status page for "fax" to find my IP.  I got the Grandstream GS-HT801 single line adapter.  In hindsight I wish I had spent a few bucks more and got the GS-HT802 dual port adapter so I could be talking and faxing at the same time.  You'll find either of those devices for about $40 on Amazon.

I will say that while AREDN is a learn it yourself technology, there is a great amount of support and encouragement from the AREDN community.  I started learning AREDN in January.  Now I'm an elmer for many people and pretty soon will be implementing it for my local RACES org as well as supporting the mission for American Red Cross.  I have some great mentors in the AREDN community who have helped me get up to speed very quickly.

---mark, KM6ZPO

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