Re: AREDN a quick report


Hi Bruce,

I recommend you get a Microtik HAP and ask for a tunnel.  That way you can "see" what's on the MESH.  You can also use your phone as a hot spot in case the Internet goes out - you'll still have access to the MESH and all of its resources which may otherwise be unavailable during a wide scale internet and/or power outage.  

I am a firm believer that the big cellular companies will be the first to repair their communication systems and/or roll trucks out to areas to provide coverage.  You won't be able to expect that kind of service from cable internet and DSL companies.  And if you get onto AT&T FirstNet, even if the general cell coverage goes out, you'll still be able to call and get data services.  

Get this device, flash it with the AREDN firmware and then I'll be happy to provide you with an Internet tunnel:

Or if you can't figure out the flashing part, we can probably make a deal wherein I buy it for you, configure it and ship it to you pre-configured.

---mark, KM6ZPO

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