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I would like to thank all of you who participated in our readiness
exercise yesterday! From the comments both during and after the
debrief everyone seemed to have enjoyed the activities, and we all
learned something about how we might respond as members of the RCCT
during a disaster response operation.

In my opinion, the exercise ran better than I expected. This was the
first time the Team developed and participated in a formal functional
exercise. A number of new concepts, guidelines and tools were
introduced. The Team adapted quickly, and messages were efficiently
transmitted and received. The participants should be especially proud
of the fact that the various Field Teams reacted quickly and
correctly during the "Lost Repeater" drill.

We are already planning SPRING SENTINEL, with an earthquake theme
[grin], hopefully to be held March or April of next year. As soon as
we have a chance to review the results from yesterday's exercise
we'll start developing drills and other activities to help all of us
improve our skills.


Jerry aka AK6QJ

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