Re: Event: Red Cross So. Cal Region Weekly DMR Net - 09/21/2021 #cal-reminder

Bob Birch

Just as a heads up there are still issues with DMR related to the PAPA System. There is a combination of issues going on. First they are still experiencing issues with Brandmeister and the communications with BrandMeister hasn’t been very good. There is also a requirement to visit each hilltop to make some changes to their systems. With these issues I would expect our DMR will not work as we would want it to tonight.


My recommendation is to have someone take the lead on running a checkin on the following repeaters as standalone, Otay, San Marcos Peak, and Santiago. Those is Orange County don’t try to use Saddle as there is a repeater somewhere on the same frequency that is causing interference. The PAPA group is in the process of trying to track down the interfering system to solve the issue.




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