Re: Event: Red Cross So. Cal Region Weekly DMR Net - 09/28/2021 #cal-reminder

Nat 2733E N6BRV

Please see below for Check-ins and Count stats (Voice and callsigns captured on BrandMeister)

·         Noted Santiago Peak didnot connect.  

·         Repeaters that were used for DMR net and operational tonight:  Saddle Peak (PAPA 4), Palomar (PAPA 10), Woodson (PAPA 15) and partial San Marcos (PAPA 9) at the end.  Valley Center repeater was also used.

·         Thanks to Bill K6HMS, Mark KM6ZPO, Ted N6RPG for relaying the messages from our teams to check-in.  ORSb team members mostly checked in through Saddle Peak.

·         Bill W6WDS checked in as a guest from Hemet.

·         One member tried to check-in and relayed making total of 25 counts

·         Thanks to some members for your patience waiting for 20+ minutes to check-in.

·         Mark KM6ZPO had announcement regarding Emcom exercises this week using Simplex, WinLink, AREDN.  Details to follow.

·         Check-in 9/28/21 Excel file sent to Bob KG6RGI & Jerry AK6QJ


73' Nat S. N6BRV


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Reminder: Red Cross So. Cal Region Weekly DMR Net

8:30pm to 9:00pm
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