Sat 10/2 Orange County City/County RACES and EmComm Auxiliary Communications Service Exercise Plan


This Saturday, RACES and EmComm Auxiliary orgs throughout Orange County will be participating in a county-wide drill organized by Orange County RACES.  The Orange County American Red Cross chapter will be participating via the 600 Parkcenter headquarters.  ARC DST members will (hopefully) also be participating in the field.  Field / battery operations are encouraged to simulate a real power / internet / cell service out event.  

There are three parts to this exercise: simplex radio comms (2M 146.595 and 60M chan 4 - 5371.5 USB), Winlink and AREDN.

San Diego stations likely will not reach Orange County on 2M simplex but they can try 60m.  Everyone can do the Winlink exercise since telnet is allowed.  It is highly encouraged that you not use telnet if you can use a local gateway via RF.  Those who are currently setup for AREDN (even if it's a tunnel) should attempt those exercises.  It's better if you have a dedicated IP phone for AREDN for the phone portion of the exercise, but the free app Linphone will also work.  You can call my PBX at and reach me at extension 5000 (8-5PM please) on that PBX if you want to practice before the event.   The IP phone in the radio room at Parkcenter ( http://ke6bxt-redcross-m2rdish.local.mesh:8080/cgi-bin/mesh ) is  If you get a busy signal on event day, wait a few mins and try again.

This exercise represents a minimum level of competency in passing EMCOMM traffic using common standards.  If you are not set up to participate this time, you should consider learning all these technologies for the next exercise.   See the attached plan for more information.


Mark Warrick
(949) 870-9493

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