Re: ARC Wilderness First Aid/CPR/AED

Nat 2733E N6BRV

Thanks Fred and Mark,
    Took mine in 2016 through BSA too.  Recalled it was $60 so well worth.  Since we're ARC, thought someone knew direct ARC class offerings, I might have missed.

Yes, I recall now. They require a regular Adult/child CPR first to append to certification. The classes are usually packed sardine full (LOL) And have to be BSA member too (BSA merit badge Counselor in my case). If you don't need the accreditation please refrain from booking the class. 

It's called WRFA. I have the link (text me privately)

 If there's high demand, maybe our ARC training staff could put a WRFA class together. Hope Bob KG6RGI can shine some light on this.

73'Nat S N6BRV 

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