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Hi Tom
I am with the San Diego DST team. During the Exercise -the DST team set up computers in the "shelters"  for other Red Cross functions to use. The rest of the time we sat waiting to be used to pass traffic. Apparently there were NO drill injects that would FORCE Red Cross functions to USE DST for communicating drill traffic!!  DST has found that the general attitude  with Red Cross functions is the belief that cell phones will ALWAYS WORK!! This is a recipe for communications failure during a REAL disaster event! Lets make future drills realistic with injects that produce challenges that are found in REAL world disaster events!! WATCH THESE REAL WORLD communication failures of the Camp and Paradise  Fires:

The Paradise (CAMP) fire spread at a speed of over 100 yards per second.!!

I worked the 2003 and 2007 wildfires and the massive 2010 Power failure - with the San Diego County ACS and Red Cross and  witnessed a number of communications failures!

Short history - I have been a licensed (Extra class) Radio Amateur since 1958, Been with Red Cross since 1990, Worked in Electronics and radio systems for:  San Diego County, and Marine ship board radio and radar  communications. I also worked in the manufacture and repair of Military radio systems-also  DOD defense industry and commercial broadcast and radio communications systems - for over 30 years. Now retired - I maintain a radio communications repair shop in my home as well as for field repairs in my communications truck that works all frequencies (HF - UHF) needed for disaster communications. Both of my homes and radio  stations  in San Diego and Payson Arizona are completely solar powered with 10 KW arrays and large 48 Volt battery banks.  I am licensed by the FCC with a commercial General Radiotelephone License. This allows me to work on ALL commercial  and broadcast, radio systems.
I and Red Cross DST stand ready to assist all Red Cross functions in their computer and communications needs if we are ONLY GIVEN A CHANCE!

Bruce Haupt  WA6DNT@...  WA6DNT@...   Red Cross DST   HF SHARES  NNC9RC


On 4/27/2022 9:53 AM, Simpson, Tom wrote:
To our Logistics and DST Team members.

Thank you for participating in our 2022 SoCal April EXE on April 23rd and 24th. It was a great experience to work with each of you during this evercise-exercise-exercise. We appreciate the information, time, and service given for this event and the Logistics and DST response. We would like to let you know that what we accomplished to be better prepared for a local response was tremendous. From Call Out to demobilization to file keeping, the success of this event was because of each of you. GREAT TEAMWORK!

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan - City of
        Grand Terrace

If I missed someone, please pass along my thank you.

Tom Simpson

American Red Cross Volunteer

Pacific Division Logistics Work Group Facilitator

SoCal Region Logistics Lead/RDO SD Vol Partner

3950 Calle Fortunada, San Diego CA 92123



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