Re: Thank You for Participating at the SoCal Exercise

Bob Birch

I like you two would like to have had more injects related to loss of communications and relied on DST Comm’s to step in. At least to show what our capabilities are if the need arises. We did process and deliver 3 ICS-213’s during the drill.


Comm’s is just one GAP in DST and most likely will be the least used in most disasters in Southern California. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared to step in when the need arises. We still should continue to train individually and as a group to keep our skills fresh.


Honestly, I would say 95% of all our responses will be to deploy, computers, networks, and internet connectivity. With the scenario of a wildfire all cell towers being down would be unlikely. Even in the major wildfires we had here in San Diego we never totally lost communications. We will have situations like the Southern fire that was out in the back country were communications were nonexistent and they relied on DST Comm’s.  We will always have the need to support Disaster Assessment teams that go into the back country to verify damage to homes. So as I said before we certainly need to be prepared to respond when the need arises.




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I share your frustration, Bruce.  And that’s why I didn’t participate in Orange County. There was no plan and there has been absolutely nothing going on for the ham volunteer since I joined.  It’s a real shame because we have a lot of talented pepe ready to help but the current management hasn’t got a clue what to do with us. 

—mark, KM6ZPO 

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